Toxicity Tested - Gilson Positive Displacement Pipette Tips


The Gilson Positive Displacement Tips are ideal for difficult-to-pipette samples including; viscous, volatile, dense, hot or cold, or hazardous liquids. The tips work like a syringe providing protection against pipette, sample, and user contamination, and produce accurate, reproducible, and precise results. Made of pure polypropylene, their slim fit allows you to use even the narrowest and deepest test tubes.

Accurate and Precise Pipetting

Using Capillary Piston Tips ensures maximum accuracy and precision and delivers consistent results, even with viscous, volatile, dense, hot or cold, or hazardous liquids such as radioactive samples.

Protection Against Contamination

No contact between the sample and the pipette protects against contamination and provides protection for the user and the pipette, even with aerosols or corrosive vapours. The tips are made of pure polypropylene and are free of dyes, so there is no risk of chemical contamination from the tips.

Gilson Pipette Tips come pre-toxicity tested, evidenced to be non-toxic to sperm by a UKAS accredited lab. Once you have validated our results in your own lab, you’ll no longer need to do in-house testing of supplies – saving time and therefore, money.

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Total Quantity 960
Tip Length 41.8 mm
Packaging Format Racked
Volume Range 10ul, 25ul, 50ul 
Sterility Non-Sterile

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