Listening to Scientists, Acting on Innovations, Delivering for Labs.

Hawksley stands alongside British andrologists & embryologists, improving every parents chances of success whilst making this essential work a little easier.

From cost-effective supplies to industry innovations, Hawksley work with honesty for your fertility laboratory.

Pre-Toxicity Tested Supplies

All labware we supply will be delivered with a validated toxicity tested report, done by an impartial laboratory. This report is compliant with ISO 15189 considerations, accepted by your technical assessors, and Hawksley will work hand in hand with labs validating our labware for your laboratory.

Supply Chain Management

At Hawksley, we strive to be more than your standard lab equipment supplier. We specialise in the whole Andrology lifecycle and will support you in building a strong, reliable supply chain for your laboratory.

Andrology Consultancy

If you're looking for an expert in the field, Hawksley recommends Consultant Scientist Matt Tomlinson. With over 30 years experience, he offers a wide range of services to assist laboratories, clinics and professionals in Reproductive Medicine.

Research Papers

A list of helpful Research Papers related to Hawksley's specialisms, including quality control, diagnostic supplies and automation in the fertility sector.

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