Hawksley is a medical supplies company that has been supplying British laboratories with medical equipment and consumables for 79 years before the creation of the NHS. We are proud that Hawksley remains a small and independent business, in a medical industry dominated by huge companies.


Through the years, Hawksley has pioneered new technologies, been at the heart of global medical device manufacturing, and has now supplied 7 generations of scientists, surgeons, and medical professionals. 

Our Work

Whilst our specialisms remain in what made our name - manufacturing laboratory glass and centrifuges - we fiercely believe that a medical supplies company should offer far more than a catalogue of products. This has resulted in Hawksley pioneering a new approach for supplying Andrology Laboratories.

In reality, this means that our account managers will act like a purchasing officer for small laboratories. Hawksley Account Managers will liaise with Lab Managers across the country to identify the needs, equipment and priorities of each individual laboratory. The end result is that labs will save money, improve the quality of its results, and reduce the time spent on searching for suppliers. 

Our History

Established in Oxford Street, London, in 1869 by Charles Hawksley, the Company began innovating in the field of microscopy. Hawksley designed a piece of glassware, called a Haemacytometer (or counting chamber). This enabled scientists to objectively examine individual cells and opened the door to explain a wide range of pathological, cytological, histological, andrological and haematological conditions.

After huge success in designing and manufacturing Counting Chambers (or in short, Haemocytometers) Hawksley grew to innovate and manufacture a plethora of medical devices. From Devices Measuring Blood Pressure, to Pressure Mattresses for patients with bed-sores, to pioneering safer and faster centrifuges, to chemistry and blood analysers.

Over 150 years on from when we started, Hawksley continues to manufacture laboratory glassware and micro-centrifuges.


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