Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery Statement

Hawksley & Sons work from the principle that everything we do should aim at improving the quality of life for all our stakeholders. Whether this is manufacturing quality medical equipment that enables our customers to save more lives, or ensuring that we maintain ethical business practices that mitigate suffering.

Hawksley’s small but extremely dedicated group of employees all want to address these issues and implement robust strategies to ensure that Hawksley and its suppliers are united against the risks of modern slavery and human trafficking.

Due Diligence & Supply Chains

In order to assess the risk of modern slavery in its Supply Chain, Hawksley & Sons carries out comprehensive risk assessments for all of its suppliers, which we follow up with audits that are carried out on our suppliers production sites.

Our long-term goal is twofold. We want to extend our materials mapping from outside of our own production, to also encompass our suppliers. This means understanding exactly where every component of our supplies come from; from primary materials to its delivery to the customer. Hawksley also wants its suppliers to adopt our values of improving lives, which will be achieved by continuing to be an honest, open and valued distributor for our suppliers; helping our suppliers to recognise that Hawksley reciprocates its demands for integrity, honesty and a commitment to a better world.

Child Labour, Forced and Under-Paid Labour, and Human Trafficking

Hawksley & Sons will not work with any supplier that employs, or has had a history of employing, under-age labour, forced-labour, or under-paid labour as described in the Minimum Age Convention 138, Worst Forms of Child Labour Convention 182, Article 2 of the Forced Labour Convention 29, and article 1 of the Abolition of Forced Labour Convention 105.

We adhere to the terms set out in the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act (2010), California Civil Code (section 1714.43) and the UK Modern Slavery Act (2015). Hawksley does not tolerate any form of slavery and trafficking and acts quickly and forcefully whenever we encounter practices violating the aforementioned acts.


Hawksley & Sons will continue to be committed to ensuring that there is no place for modern slavery and human trafficking at any echelon of our organisation. We will ensure that we integrate the best current practices, work with our supply chain partners and become increasingly rigorous in our due diligence processes.