Hawksley Cough-Lok Belts

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Hawksley's unique Cough-Lok is is a remarkable but simple device that performs a vital function for protecting patients after major abdominal or thoracic surgery. 

For patients requiring post operative restraint such as after a Sternotomy in cardiothoracic surgery, the device hugely reduces the risk of surgical failure by providing a safe and comfortable body harness that can be set around the chest or stomach.

The fabric is hard wearing and washable and, subject to local clinical protocols can be passed from patient to patient for re-use.

The Cough-Lok wraps securely round the patient with easy pull handles to adjust for tightness and locks into position using strong Velcro.

Technical Specification

  • Suitable for all body shapes and sizes
  • Has found widespread use in support of patient thoraxes after sternotomy
  • Popular with post-operative patients to increase comfort and security, control movement and give restraint during coughing or sudden movement
  • Easy for patient to fit, suitable for both in and out-patient use
  • Durable and washable construction
  • Easy Velcro fastening enables it to adhere in any position, any tightness
  • The Cough-Lok is supplied in 4 lengths, 100cm, 126cm, 147cm and 252cm
  • The longest of these belts can also be used as a trolley strap


Size Guide

Cough-Lok 100cm Small 39 inches
Cough-Lok 126cm Medium 49.5 inches
Cough-Lok 147cm Large 58 inches
Cough-Lok 252cm Extra Large 99 inches



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