High Risk Air Pressure Mattress System

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Hawksley's High Risk Air Pressure Mattress System is ideal for the prevention and treatment of all stages of pressure ulcer. The pump has been designed to produce consistent air flow at 8 litres per minute. It is a digital multi-mode pump that offers alternating pressure redistribution and a static mode with constant low pressure reduction. In alternating mode, the cells will inflate and deflate periodically to redistribute pressure in order to mimic natural sleep movement and to avoid long term pressurisation of tissue. The 8-inch mattress is vapour resistant and comes with a water resistant bi-elastic cover which provides patients an optimum antibacterial environment.

Patients at a high risk of pressure ulcers are recommended to use Hawksley's High Risk Air Pressure Mattress System. It has been made with the highest quality material, which is durable and reliable. Ideal for acute care, hospital, including ICU environment, nursing home and home care.

Technical Specifications

High Risk Air Pressure Mattress System

Inflated Dimension 203 x 88 x 20 cm
Alternating Pattern A/B Alternating
Structure  20 x 8"  Cells
Cover Material Bi-elastic PU Coating with Zipper
Cell Material Nylon/ TPU
Base Material Durable Nylon/PVC 840D
Low Air Loss Option
End Flaps Yes
Maximum Weight Capacity 400 kg
Flame Retardant Standards BS 6807 Crib 5 / BS 7175 Crib 5

High Risk Air Pump

Dimension 28 x 20 x 10 cm
Weight 2.5 kg
Air Output  8 liter/min
Case Material  Flame Retardant ABS
Pressure Range 20-70 mmHg
Cycle Time 10/15/20/25 min
Power Supply AC 230V/50 Hz ; 120V/60Hz

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