Collection: Microhaematocrit Tubes & Cristaseal

Hawksley sell Microhaematocrit Tubes & Cristaseal Glass Capillary Tubes for the purposes of testing blood and other fluids.

These tubes are robust and suitable for any Doctors, Clinicians, Laboratory Practitioners and Veterinarian's that require analyses of blood and other fluids.

3 products
  • Microhaematocrit Capillary Tubes Plain 75mm
    Micro Haematocrit Capillary Tubes Plain 75mm | Hawksley
  • Microhaematocrit Capillary Tubes Heparinized 75mm
    Micro Haematocrit Capillary Tubes Heparinized 75mm | Hawksley
  • Cristaseal Sealant Tray
    Cristaseal Wax Sealant Tray For Micro Haematocrit Tubes | Hawksley