Meet the team!

Get personal with us and find out who is behind Hawksley.


Maurice Gale (He/Him)

As Director of Hawksley, Maurice has had 40 years of experience in a multitude of business sectors in Sussex.

An engineer by trade, Maurice has been intimately involved in Hawksley's Research & Development, including improving the quality of Counting Chambers and innovating on new centrifuge designs.

Head of Business Development

Harvey Barrett (He/They)

As the job title suggests, Harvey is responsible for the organic business development of Hawksley & Sons.

This entails keeping our wonderful customers happy and well-supplied, listening to their needs to develop our product offerings, and importantly being knowledgeable in Hawksley's key business areas.

As a new customer, he will often be who you speak to about technical questions and product information.

07596 552 408

Production Manager & Chief Engineer

Gary Welburn (He/Him)

Although a little camera-shy, behind the scenes Gary manages Hawksley's warehouse and shopfloor.

With over 20 years of experience handling a busy shopfloor, Gary ensures that we have the materials needed to produce medical devices; that our workforce are trained and happy; & that Hawksley is maintaining high-standards for all of its products

When he's not organising the daily production demands of our company, he will have his head and spanner buried in a broken centrifuge.

Office & Administration Manager

Gemma Mills (She/Her)

Gemma is Hawksley’s main point of contact for processing orders, order queries, setting up new suppliers, and for any general questions.

She monitors Hawksley's enquires mailbox and will often be the friendly voice who picks up our phoneline.

For all the above queries you can reach her and the team at

For any other urgent queries, you can contact her directly on;

For invoice queries please email

marketing & sales manager and head of deib

Natasha Mallison (They/Them)

Tash is the newest superstar signing of our small Hawksley team. Their role is creating our marketing strategy, managing customer accounts, and leading on organisational diversity and equality.

All the Hawksley content you see will be done by their fair hand and they are knowledgeable on our product ranges.