With over 150 years of history in medical device manufacturing, Hawksley & Sons remains at the forefront of innovation in our sector. From 2019, Hawksley has been in a process of developing a new range of equipment and developing product lines that meet obvious gaps in the market for public sector laboratories. Treading the line between conforming to ever-evolving regulatory constrictions and technological development has required continual investment in young talent, extensive knowledge of our product area, experienced employees and rigorous research methods. To follow our journey, you can keep track with our blogs!


Hawksley has an excellent reputation at a local, national, and even international level. Locally, we run internships for Brighton, Chichester, & Sussex universities, as well as various higher education colleges. This allows us to give opportunities to many young people in the area and pool talent from Sussex. Additionally, we are proud to have won the Best Medical Equipment Manufacturer for the South East.



On a national scale, Hawksley are a brand most NHS and Private Laboratories will recognise, as we have built a reputation on reliable equipment and Quality Consumables. In the last year, Hawksley successfully gained a place on the London University Purchasing Consortium Lab Equipment Framework. This enables us to supply all UK universities with our own range of centrifuges, mixers, stirrers and hot-plates; making us the one of two microenterprises directly selling lab equipment to universities across the UK.


Even internationally, Hawksley punches far above its size. Our centrifuges are extremely popular across the continent of Africa and in South East Asia. A client from the American Charity Samaritans, with over 40 years’ experience in disease research, recently complimented one of Hawksley’s centrifuge models for its exceptional reliability and sturdiness; "I must say in all my 40+ years your machine is the the most sturdy of these instruments I have seen."

Furthermore, a customer in Nigeria enquired about purchasing a spare part for a Hawksley centrifuge that has been discontinued for 20 years - implying that he was still using a centrifuge that they bought over 35 years ago. We believe that this proves Hawksley & Sons is not only able to supply to every corner of the world, but can be relied on for outstanding equipment.

The Future 

Hawksley is an innovator and industry leader in our areas of specialism, where we work with and supply some of the world's leading researchers in many research institutions, such as Birmingham, Oxford, Liverpool Veterinary School, & Yale University. Hawksley is always committed to investing in new technology if it has the potential for improving lives: Two diverse projects that demonstrate our commitment to innovation are:

  1. Sign-Language Glove. Hawksley are working with Bright-Sign, who manufacture a glove which 'reads' sign-language and translates these symbols into audio and text. We are in dialogue with a number of UK universities, like Sussex University, to run trials of this technology, with the goal of observing the impact the glove has in improving mental health, social integration, and academic performance in deaf children.
  2. Bovine Lancet. Our Colleagues at ImmunIGY are developing a brand new lateral flow test, which rapidly can diagnose the physical health of herds of cows. This technology will be used by thousands of farmers to improve the general health of their bovine herds. In order to successfully perform this test, untrained farmers need a lancet that is exceptionally easy to use and suitable for a veterinary setting.  

Hawksley is well-positioned to pursue varied projects, such as the above, as we have a wealth of technical knowledge of manufacturing and medical device design. Our premises equally is well-equipped to bring design projects to completion.

So, if you have any projects that you need medical manufacturing support for, please do get in touch with us on 01903 752 815, or via the Contact Us page.