BioScreen Quality Control Beads


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Suspensions of latex beads for quality control of counting sperm using manual and automated methods for in vitro diagnostic use only.


  • Two different known concentrations of latex beads suspended in an aqueous solution
  • Volume: 4 ml per vial
  • Room temperature storage  
  • Ready to use
  • 24-month shelf life


Quality control (QC) of semen analysis is essential for the detection and correction of systematic errors and high variability. Regular QC assessment by the laboratory supervisor is required for laboratory accreditation and to maintain accuracy, precision and competence in the andrology laboratory.

For manual counting, the QC-Beads can be used to evaluate technician techniques, counting protocols and counting chambers. For automated counting, the QC-Beads can be used to evaluate the performance of the optical system and the resulting computer image processing of an automated semen analyzer.

The researcher should perform a quality control check each day prior to counting sperm samples.


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