SAMi - Automated Semen Analysis

SAMi is a Computer Assisted Semen Analysis (CASA) system developed by Matt Tomlinson, a renowned UK andrologist, who had a simple goal in mind: the creation of objective semen analysis software that improved the quality of andrology diagnostics and reduces the time it takes to process semen samples. 

SAMi is designed for use in hospitals, fertility clinics, sperm banks, and pathology labs. It accurately measures the concentration and motility of a semen sample. Through electronic imaging, SAMi identifies and tracks sperm in a sample, reporting on the aliquot in line with the latest WHO guidelines for andrology analysis.

It does this reading an image from a camera attached to the microscope. This data is picked up by the software, which separates sperm from non-sperm cells and will then record a videoclip tracking each sperm head as it travels through the sample.

At the end of an analysis, a report will have been generated that displays motility percentages, average velocity, and concentrations of the sample. All of this is saved into a database for retrospective assessment as a permanent record.

Moving from manual to automated andrology diagnostics is a big step for any lab. You want to be sure that SAMi meets your needs and you are reassured that we meet all of the rigourous quality considerations that regulate our industry.

Seeing is believing, so get in touch with us to organise a demonstration of the software at your laboratory. Please speak with our technical sales, Harvey Barrett:

Phone: +44 7596 552408


Time Saving

It has been shown that SAMi will not only improve the quality of your diagnostics (making it more clinically valuable), but it is immensely time saving for your laboratory.

This has been calculated at about 15 to 18 minutes of time saved per sample. Put into perspective, for an average lab, processing 2,000 samples a year, you would save between 500 and 600 hours of labour each year.

We calculate that this saves at least £9,000.00 in labour hours per year in the average andrology lab.

This means that staff will have more time to pursue research, and valuable analysis can be done on other key infertility factors.

What's Included?

We offer packages flexible to your labs requirements.

As a minimum, our package will include: SAMi Software, a Compatible Microscope Camera, and Camera Connection Leads

Hawksley build this into a total package, with the equipment needed to run SAMi in the most optimal way. This includes a:

  • Highly compatible Zeiss Microscope with 20x, 10x objective phase contrast and Camera Adaptor (0.5x)
  • Dell PCs (with specifications optimised for running SAMi),
  • Tokai Hit Heated Stage

Leading in Andrology Research

SAMi is your ideal partner for andrology research.

It records detailed data for each tracked sperm cell. Each object is tracked 60 times a second and recorded in .csv format. For a sample tracking 200 sperm cells, this is 12,000 data points.

Due to its accuracy after calibration and ability to analyse motility in a way that manual methods could not achieve, the quality of data recorded becomes invaluable for publishing world-class andrology research.

Additionally, SAMi has a function to take live videos and images. These are saved onto file and can be used for qualitative morphology analysis and visual evidence.