ScopeScreen Eosin-Nigrosin Vitality Stain

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Eosin-Nigrosin is a staining technique that assesses the vitality of a sperm sample when the initial motility is less than 25 %. Nigrosin increases the contrast between the background and sperm heads, making sperm easier to visualize.

This Vitality Stain made by ScopeScreen contains 2 vials of 2.5ml, enough to conduct up to 100 vitality tests.

• Distilled Water
• Xylene
• Mounting Solution
• Immersion Oil (Hawksley Immersion Oil on Website) 

Storage Conditions:
• The kit should be stored in dark at 2oC to 8oC after receiving.
• Bring all the reagents to room temperature before use.
• Once opened, store reagents in the fridge protected from light.
• Expiry date is printed on the outside of the box.

• Step 1. Label plasticware and disposable material with
appropriate Patient ID and Sample ID.
• Step 2. o Take 10ųL of undiluted, well-mixed liquefied semen.
o Add 50ųL of Eosin-Nigrosin dye solution in a
o Mix the dye and sample thoroughly with the help of
pipette tip and wait for 30 seconds.
• Step 3. After 30 seconds, please 10ųL of sample from Step 2
on a clean glass-slide and prepare a smear.
• Step 4. Allow the smear to air dry or use a slide warmer.

ScopeScreen Vitality Stain Product Brochure