Collection: Glassware

Andrology Glassware for CASA and that is not cytotoxic to your sperm samples. We can ensure same batch orders, for easier ISO batch testing.
8 products
  • Neubauer Improved Haemocytometer Counting Chamber
    Neubauer Improved Haemacytometer Counting Chamber Hemocytometer | Hawksley
  • Cover Glass
    cover glass for counting chambers. z50000
  • Fertility Semen Counting Chamber
    Fertility Semen Andrology Counting Chamber | Hawksley
  • Cryocanes 5-place
    Cryocanes 5-place
  • Cover slips 22 x 22 (pack of 200)
    22 x 22 Cover slips
  • Duran 250ml conical flask
    Duran 250ml conical flask
  • Frosted glass slides
    coloured frosted glass
  • Cellpath 25 x 50 coverslips
    25 x 50 coverslips