Neubauer Improved Haemocytometer Counting Chamber

SKU: AC1000

Neubauer Improved Haemocytometer Counting Chamber - 2-Cell Metalised is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Currently one of the most popular counting chambers on the market. It is used for counting different types of cell, most commonly sperm count, yeast count and blood count.

Neubauer Improved Haemocytometer Counting Chambers are moulded from a single piece of thermal and shock-resistant glass. Each chamber comes with two cover glasses included. An H-shaped moat forms either one or two counting areas, or plateaus. Each plateau features an etched grid or ruling.

The ruled surface is 0.1mm below the cover glass, limiting the volume of 1 Square mm of blood or fluid over a square mm at Contact of the flat, polished cover glass surfaces with the cover glass supports produces an exact volume of fluid over the counting area.

The difference in surface tension characteristics between the surface on the chamber and the polished cover glass assures smooth capillarity for precise loading and more even cell distribution.

Code Type  Depth
AC1000 2-Cell Metalised
AS1000 2-Cell Standard 0.1mm
BC1000 1-Cell Metalised 0.1mm
BS1000 1-Cell Standard


Pack includes two cover glasses. The Neubauer Improved Counting Chamber uses the standard cover glass - Z50000. 

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