Hawksley Blood Gas Capillary Tubes

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Hawksley's Blood Gas Capillary Tubes for blood gas analyses are made from heavy walled glass and suitable for 2.3 mm Ø adaptors. Packaged in vials of 250 pieces.

Uniform sodium heparinisation, careful fire polishing, heavy walled tubes and robust end-caps secure proper function and reduce operating risk. Hawksley's Blood Gas Tubes are manufactured under strict control in accordance with current standards. 

Code Int. Diameter Ext. Diameter Length Volume
01640-00 1.6 mm 2.3 mm 75 mm 130 μl
01641-00 1.6 mm 2.3 mm 100 mm 175 μl
01642-00 1.6 mm 2.3 mm 125 mm 220 μl


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