CellVision Counting Chamber - 20um Slide with motility window

SKU: CV1020-102

CellVision Disposable Counting Chamber: 2-chambers of a 20µm depth and a motility window

CellVision Disposable Glass Haemocytometers are easy to use, remove any risk of infection and save time during semen analysis. The slides are CE & UKCA marked, and manufactured by an ISO 13485 accredited company (Attain Technologies), approved and recommended by UKAS. There are 25 slides per box.

CellVision Haemacytometers can save time from conventional, reusable glass slides, where an operator would affix cover slips and wash/dry the chamber. This saves plenty of your lab team’s time for other activities.

Quantity 25 pieces per pack
Height    20 micron 
# chambers 2
Orientation horizontal
Sample Volume  5 microliter
Shelf life 24 months


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