TokaiHit Heated Stage


TokaiHit Heated Stage is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Did you know that inconsistent and varied temperature ranges lead to worse quality results in andrology diagnostics?

This is backed up by WHO guidelines, who strongly recommend heating a sperm sample to 37°C throughout the testing process - ensuring full liquefaction. The liquefaction process is crucial for analysis to give high quality even representation, consistent levels of motility, and to eliminate concentration variation that occurs in running viscous samples.

The best way of maintaining accurate temperature control is through the use of a heated stage, yet, few andrology labs use them as an essential part of their sperm analysis.

We're excited to be working with TokaiHit, who have developed a heated stage specifically for andrology and sperm testing, with the goal of increasing sperm motility and objectivity in analysis.

Features include:

- A compact controller
- Simple temperature measurement: accurate sensors
- Continuous current control: minimises external changes 
- 10 year guarantee: 10 year free-repair service for glass breakage
- One-touch calibration: easy calibration to set the suitable PID value
- Plate LED indicator: visualises the plate conditions without looking at the controller

Using a heated stage means you can reliably and accurately control your sperm temperature at the most crucial stage of diagnostics, giving you the best chance at consistent and objective results.