Most laboratories in the UK - Private or NHS - have huge throughputs of samples that the big medical supplies distributors consider their key accounts. However, what the Coronavirus pandemic has highlighted is that when supply chains are stretched, larger laboratories are prioritised to the detriment of smaller labs - including many Andrology, Cytology, or Fertility departments. Vital consumables are delayed and sometimes cancelled for these more specialised labs.


As microenterprise manufacturer of Neubauer Improved Counting Chambers, many of Hawksley's customers are Andrologists and Cytologists working out of the NHS or in small fertility labs, where WHO guidelines still recommend the counting chambers we make. 


Hawksley has been working closely with its existing suppliers and fostering relationships with many new manufacturers to build a portfolio of supplies suitable for the modern Andrology Laboratory. This has enabled us to identify and supply exactly what you need, regardless of the item or the brand that makes it.


Hawksley includes a few services as standard, which removes timely chores from your day-to-day:

1. Same Batch Deliveries

If we are told in advance, we will ensure that all of your supplies for the year come from the same batch. This can save many hours of toxicity testing per year. We store all these supplies in our warehouse that is regularly quality checked internally and externally.

2. Pre-Toxicity Tests

Hawksley can pay external ISO accredited laboratories to test any consumables for its toxicity to sperm or with a Mouse Embryo Assay. This means instead of complete toxicity testing, your department can simply verify the existing results and save duplicating tests.

3. Cost Savings

Although individual items may be pricier than a competitor, we are committed to saving Andrology Labs money. Not only do we have everything under one roof and can save you money on postage, but we will work with you to get a whole basket of supplies cheaper than you currently buy them for.

We can achieve this by doing providing completely free of charge consultation with your Laboratory Manager or Purchasing Officer, who can look at what your annual usage is and where you currently purchase from. If you need supplies unavailable via our supply chain, we will point you in the direction of the best priced and most reliable supplier. With everything else, we will aim to prepare a quotation saving you about 10% on what you were paying before.

So, all in all, we hope to save your department money in supplies and time in Purchasing Administration and Quality Control. Find out more by getting in touch with our Andrology Product Specialist, Harvey Barrett, on 07596 552408, or by using theContact Us Page.