Qwik Check Sperm 1-step Vitality Kit


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1. Mix the semen sample well.
2. Remove an aliquot of 5 µl of semen and combine with 5 µl of eosin solution on a microscope slide. Mix with a pipette tip by swirling the sample on the slide.
3. Cover with a 22 mm x 22 mm coverslip and let sit for 30 seconds.
4. Insert the slide into the SQA-Vision slide adaptor or (place under a microscope). Insert the loaded adaptor into the SQA-Vision video slot.
5. Activate the Vitality option of the SQA-Vision. Adjust the focus and video settings per the SQA-Vision user guide instructions.
6. Examine the slide at ZOOM OUT (preferably but not required) of the SQA-Vision.
7. Live spermatozoa have white or light pink heads and dead spermatozoa have heads that are stained red or dark pink.
8. If the stain is limited to only a part of the neck region, and the rest of the head area is unstained, this is considered a “leaky neck membrane” and is not a sign of cell death and total membrane disintegration. These cells should be assessed as LIVE.
9. Tally the number of stained (dead) and unstained (vital) cells in each field of view. Enter this number into the SQA-Vision Vitality screen as each field of view is assessed. Press calculate and the Vision will report the # of live vs. dead sperm cells. If using a microscope, calculate as per laboratory protocols for Vitality testing.


Lower reference limit
The lower reference limit for vitality (membrane-intact spermatozoa) is 58% (5th centile, 95% CI 55–63).(Based on WHO 5th edition manual, p.29-30). 


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