Optimas Vitrification Devices

By Optimas

Optimas Vitrification Devices - OVDT is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Optimas presents their newest Vitrification Devices, designed to be resistant to liquid nitrogen, and to carry oocytes and embryos in all stages of development. 

The devices have a cooling rate of -30637°C and warming rate of +60102°C, which has been independently validated by Embryotools.  

The OVDT (Thin Device) consists of a thin strip film firmly attached to a malleable plastic body. The thin strip provides fast cooling and warming rates and optimizes the outcomes.

The OVDC (Curved Device) consists of a more rigid, transparent, curbed tip and a coloured, transparent malleable plastic body. The rigid curved tip provides easy and safe handling of oocytes and embryos. 


  • Fast cooling and warming rates 
  • Available in a number of different colour for easy differentiation 
  • Large place for identity information 
  • Two markers for indicating the side where the oocytes or embryos are placed 
  • Two markers (one on tip of oocyte and embryo loading place and another on the tip of the external cover) for easy attachment of the external cover during vitrification procedure
  • Slim bodies to allow more sample storage per tank 


Devices are quality checked one-by-one, gamma sterilized. Sterility, LAL and one cell MEA tested 

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