Accumax Cryovials - 100 pieces

By Accumax

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Discover Accumax Cryovials that are meticulously designed using medical-grade polypropylene to ensure convenience and sample integrity. These innovative cryovials are specifically crafted to maintain sample integrity even at ultra-low temperatures. With the closure seal eliminating the need for O-rings, contamination risks are minimized, guaranteeing utmost purity. These Cryovials are the ideal choice for storing biological materials and animal cells, providing uncompromising quality for laboratory applications. 

Technical Specification

  • Temperature stability of up to -196°C (in vapour-phase liquid nitrogen)
  • Quick seal closure and leak proof tube seal
  • Externally threaded without O-ring to avoid contamination
  • V bottom for maximum sample recovery
  • Autoclavable 121°C for 15 mins
  • Better stability with hepta foot for self standing and storage efficiency
  • Easy sample identification, Large and clear patch for personalised labelling
  • Certified DNase RNase and endotoxin-free


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