T-Lab Specialist PRP Tubes (Pack of 2)

By T-Lab

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The biggest safety concern of any PRP practitioner is their tube choice. The majority of  tubes are not tested for use in the human body and could potentially contain chemicals and plastics that are toxic. However, T-lab's PRP tubes are certified as safe for human use - or in-vivo use - by the European Medicines Evaluation Agency.

T-Lab tubes have been rigorously tested in numerous unbiased studies and most recent (2023) results show a; 

- 95.2% Purity

- 4.4 Billion platelet dose 

- 82.6% Platelet recovery rate


Why Choose T-Lab Tubes for your clinic? 

1. Injectable 

T-LAB PRP Tubes are not Blood Storage Tubes or Blood Separation Kits unlike many other products. These tubes are intentionally designed to prepare platelet rich plasma and the material prepared within these tubes are injectable

2. CE Class IIB Certificate 

According to UK law, non-invasive devices that modify biological or chemical composition of blood, body-liquids or other liquids extended for infusion into the body are in Class IIb, and therefore any PRP tube must have this certificate - good news for T-Lab as these do! 

3. Includes Anticoagulant 

T-Lab PRP Tubes come with an anticoagulant already included within. This ensures that standardisation of anticoagulant quality is not eliminated and the risk of misuse is averted - as they are prefilled and ready-to-use.

4. No Gel 

Some competitor products contain a thixotropic gel - which is made from a polymers or hydrogels. T-Lab made the decision not to use these for too major reasons:

- Research shows that platelet get trapped underneath or not become separated due to the consistency of the gel, reducing effectiveness

-  There are no regulations that cover this area, as regulations would not normally address a product where polymers were wanting to be introduced into the human body. Gel products also increase the chances of an allergic or adverse reaction in the patient


Technical Specification

 Anticoagulant Sodium Citrate
Helper Components No
Volume 8ml x 2 = 16ml 




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