Pack of t-lab specialist PRP PRF tubes
Pack of 2 t-lab specialist PRP PRF tubes
Pack of 2 t-lab specialist PRP PRF tubes

T-Lab Specialist PRP Tubes (Pack of 2)

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The biggest safety concern of any PRP practitioner, is their tube choice. The majority of vacutainer tubes are not tested for use in the human body and could potentially contain chemicals and plastics that are toxic. However, T-lab's PRP tubes are certified as safe for human use - or in-vivo use - by the European Medicines Evaluation Agency.

If you are making your own PRP kits to cut down on costs, you still want to get the best out of your treatments and do it in a safe way. This is where we would highly recommend the T-lab PRP tubes, that come in a pack of two.

How to Use
  • Attach Blood Collection Needle to Holder.
  • Apply the Blood Collection Needle to sanitized part of the patient’s arm. (Venous)
  • Attach PRP Tube inside the holder to Blood Collection Needle. (Routine Phlebotomy)
  • PRP Tube is a vacuumed tube. The tube collects enough amount of blood and stops itself. (Apply both tubes, without removing the Blood Collection Needle from the vessel.)
  • Centrifuge both tubes in a centrifuging device at 830 G for 8 minutes. Buckets shall be compatible for PRP Tubes (16 X 100 mm tube size).
  • Attach Long Needle to a 5ml Luer-lok Syringe.
  • Collect the PRP by sticking a Long needle into the PRP Tube above the RBC Layer (Do not open the Lid of the tube unless it is not performed under Laminar Flow Conditions)
  • Collect carefully 2ml of PRP Layer.
  • Carry PRP to a Re-suspension Tube.
  • Apply again the same protocol for the other PRP Tube.
  • Carry again PRP to the Re-suspension tube.
  • You have app. 4 ml of PRP inside the Re-suspension tube. (Re-suspension tube is 10 ml capacity sterile tube)
  • Gently shake the Re-suspension tube for 30 seconds to homogenize the settlement of the possible clumped cells in the plasma milieu. (Re-suspension process)
  • Attach an application needle to a 1ml Luer-Lok syringe.
  • Collect the re-suspended PRP inside from the Re-Suspension Tube.
  • Change application needle to an injection needle
  • Apply the injection method to the patient.
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