Chiravac Blood Collection Needle (100 pieces)

SKU: DT-BCN21-11/2
By Vitrex

Chiravac Blood Collection needles are made of polypropylene hub and stainless steel tube. They are pyrogen-free, latex-free, DEHP-free, PVC-free and non-toxic. The needles are intended for blood collection with vacuum tubes. They are individually packed in boxes of 100 pcs.

For user convenience, there are colour-coded needle hubs, a screw-on needle hub compatible with all available holders, easy-to open packaging and a thin wall tube material. Needles will have at least a 3-year shelf life upon purchasing and will be single-use only. Sterilised by ETO.

Manufactured by a exceptional Danish company, called Vitrex, we can vouch for their reliability and quality assurances.

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