Hawksley Neuation iStir MS10A Analogue Magnetic Stirrer

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The Hawksley Neuation iStir MS10A Analogue Magnetic Stirrer is a high performance stirrer that is easy to operate, as well as having a proven track record of reliability. Available as both analogue or digital, there are few plate stirrers on the market which match the quality of the iStir MS10 and MS10a. 

Our dedicated Research & Development Team have built a mixer which is elegant, simple to use, and robust. With a stainless steel surface and long lasting DC motor, there is virtually no wear and no maintenance required.

  • Last use memory feature

  • Variable speed ranging from 200 to 2200 RPM, increasing and decreasing in steps of +/- 10 RPM

  • Long timer setting from 1-999 minutes and infinite mode

  • Closed design allows easy cleaning and protects the equipment from accidental spills

  • Non-slip rubber feet

  • Small footprint is ideal if bench space is a concern

  • Suitable for use in hoods and cold rooms

Technical Specification
Specifications i Stir MS10A
Capacity 10 Litres
Variable Speed 200-2200 RPM
Run Time 1-999 mins & infinite mode
Pulse Mode Yes, (Run - pause - Run Mode)
Digital Display No
Weight 1.4 kg
Dimension 156 x 248 x 104 mm
Protection class IP 21


Hawksley Neuation iStir MS10 Brochure.pdf

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