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The Hawksley BigLabCentrifuge is a bench-top multi-purpose laboratory centrifuge which can handle multiple applications in hospital & clinical labs, university & institutional labs as well as various research and industrial laboratories.
This versatile Microprocessor controlled unit can accommodate a variety of rotors and offers features like automatic rotor recognition and is future ready with a software & USB connectivity for remote terminal access and future upgrades.
The BigLabCentrifuge offers over 24 different rotor options including swing out rotors with specific adapters for processing different volume samples as well as fixed angle rotors for tubes/plates of various volumes. 
In addition, the BigLabCentrifuge can be easily programmed to suit the user's unique needs with the user-friendly interface. Finally, the brush-less DC motor present in the device guarantees efficient performance without the need for constant maintenance. 
  • Max capacity 4x100 ml (swing out rotor) - Delivers upto 4500 RPM.
  • Single equipment for different work protocols with appropriate choice of rotors.
  • Adjustable "RAMP" & "BRAKE" speeds to be choosed from (upto 9 speed selection).
  • One touch Short Spin operation & RPM / RCF conversion.
  • Microprocessor controlled with last run memory feature.
  • User programmable (user can set upto 99 programs of 4 lines, each as per run requirements).

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Technical Specifications

Specifications TheBigLabCentrifuge
Rotor Capacity max. 4 x 100 ml
Maximum Speed RPM / RCF (g)
4500 rpm / g varies as per rotor
Motor Type (BLDC) Brushless DC motor
Display Yes, Large Back-lit LED Display
Speed Setting
500 to 4500 RPM
Timer Setting 30 Secs to 999 mins & infinite mode
Adjustable Ramp & Brake Yes (Selection from 1 to 9)
Lid Lock Safety Yes
Imbalance Detection Yes
Weight of Equipment 23 kg (without rotor)

Rotors (not included)

Multiple rotor options (Swing & Fixed angle rotors)

Dimension (LxWxH)

475 x 585 x 325 mm 

Whats included?

With every unit:

Product Name Details
TheBigLabCentrifuge (220 V) Multipurpose Lab Centrifuge - Max RPM 4500
Power Adaptor Power Adaptor with specific pin type
Power Cable Only Power cable with specific Pin type
Allen Key Allen key For Rotor fitment

Rotor options


L30-125: 16 x 15 ml. Max. RCF 3485

L30-126:12 x 15 ml. Max. RCF 3485

L30-127: 8 x 15ml. Max. RCF 3440 

L30-129: 4 x 50ml. Max. RCF 3485

L30-130: 4 x 100ml. Max. RCF 3164


L30-131: 16 x 15ml. Max. RCF 3144 

L30-133: 8 x 15ml. Max RCF

L30-132: 12 x 15ml. Max. RCF 3144

L30-134: 6 x 50ml. Max. RCF 2644

L30-135: 4 x 50ml. Max. RCF 2544

L30-136: 4 x 100ml. Max. RCF 2559

L30-137: 24x15ml. Max. RCF 2852

L30-38: 32 x 6ml. Max. RCF 2729


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