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Hawksley Neuation i Swix Jr VT Vortex Mixer

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The Hawksley Neuation i Swix Jr VT Vortex Mixer is designed with brushless motor controller ensures a long life. Furthermore, the iSwix VT comes with an integrated counter balance to prevent any walking. 

Accompanied with a smart suspension based press activation for longer life. This powerful vortex mixer with a small footprint is a must for any laboratory.

Optional attachments include; foam attachment for microplate, rubber arttachment for flask, foam attachment for MCT, round disk attachment.

  • Delivers up to 4500 RPM for thorough mixing & quick vortexing
  • Orbital diameter of 4.5 mm
  • Robust construction with Die cast Al. base and suction cups
  • Adjustable speed (iSwix Jr. VT) available
  • Can be used inside hoods / cold rooms

If UNAVAILABLE - please email or call our sales team to see how soon the item will be back in stock.

Whats included?

With every unit:

Product Name Catalog Number Details
iSwix Jr VT (110 V) JV-2110 EU/US/UK/AU Mini Vortex Mixer with Max RPM of 4200

Technical Specifications
Specifications i Swix Jr. VT
Max RPM 4500 RPM
Orbital diameter 4.5 mm
Motor type Brushless DC
Variable speed Yes
Timer setting No
Max tube diameter 30 mm
Max Load Capacity 100 gm
Press activation Yes
Speed Setting Fixed / Adjustable
Protection class IP 43
Dimensions (W X D X H) 100 x 100 x 67 mm
Weight 0.55 kg

i Swix Jr VT Digital Vortex Mixer.pdf