Hawksley Little Lab Micro Centrifuge

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The Hawksley Little Lab Micro Centrifuge is a compact & versatile centrifuge ideal for veterinary & laboratory applications. With this microcentrifuge's easy to use interface both centrifugation time and the RPMs can be set.

This small centrifuge is built with a long lasting brushless motor for maintenance-free operation. The 12-slot centrifuge rotor can be switched out with the mini haematocrit rotor or the fixed angle rotor. 

  • Intuitive simple interface for quick and convenient setting
  • Lid lock safety - Lid opens automatically on run completion
  • One touch Short Spin operation & RPM / RCF conversion
  • Small footprint saves valuable bench space Suitable for use in hoods or cold rooms
  • Compatible with Mini Hematocrit Rotor & Fixed Angle Rotor

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Technical Specifications

Specifications i Fuge D12
Optional Rotors

12 x 1.5ml or 2.0 ml micro tubes / Mini HCT 24 x 40 length capillary tubes

15000 / 15596g
Motor Type Brushless DC
Display Large back-lit LCD Display
Speed Setting 500-12000 RPM in steps of 100RPM
Timer Setting

1 to 99 mins & infinite mode
Preset Feature User can set parameters beforehand to facilitate use
Weight of Equipment 5 kg (without Rotor)
Dimension ( LxWxH)
260 x 244 x 205 mm
What's included Microcentrifuge, Power Adaptor, Allen Key, Rotor Nut

Rotor Options: 

Product Name Details
12 place rotor (if selected)

12 x 1.5/ 2 ml tubes slot rotor

12 slot rotor lid

Reduction adaptors for 0.2ml and 0.4/0.5ml micro tubes.

RCF 15000g.

Made from machined aluminium. 

Mini HCT rotor (if selected)

24 x 40 mm length capillary tubes

Mini HCT rotor lid


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