Domel 48 Centrifuge

By Domel

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CENTRIC MF 48 centrifuges are Manufactured by in Slovenia, by Domel. Domel are highly regarded as making very high-quality motors, which they have used to venture into the centrifugation market.

The Centric MF 48 has a capacity of up to 4 x 400ml vessels (equivalent to 28 x 15ml tubes or 2 Deep Well blocks) in optimised dimensions. It also offers complete and perfect control of the centrifugation cycle: programmable acceleration and braking rates and precise control even at low speed. Refined ergonomics: convenient working height, SMART Lock rapid rotor exchange, SMART Light illuminated handle to indicate end of run, motorized lid opening.

The unit has a huge range of rotor options to suit the vessels your laboratory needs to spin.

Please note that the prices listed are for a centrifuge without a rotor included. If you are interested in purchasing from our Domel range, please get in contact with our Account Manager Harvey at +44 (0)1903 752 815.

Key Specifications:

500 - 12,600 Revolutions Per Minute
Relative Centrifugal Force 17,800 x g
brushless DC motor
230V/50-60 Hz
 Rotor exchange without the need for a tool – SMART Lock system
Compact design
Large choice of accessories
Ease of use
End of run indication


Rotor Options:

4 place 400ml Swing Out Rotor
52 place 1.5ml/2.0ml Swing Out Rotor
60 place 5 - 7ml tube Swing Out Rotor
48 place 10 - 12ml tube Swing Out Rotor
28 place 15ml tube Swing Out Rotor
20 place 20ml tube Swing Out Rotor
12 place 50ml tube Swing Out Rotor
4 place 100ml tube Swing Out Rotor
4 place 150ml Corning Tubes Swing Out Rotor
4 place 250ml Tube Swing Out Rotor
6 place Swing Out Rotor for MT Plates
2 place Swing Out Rotor for Deep Well Plates
30 place Fixed Angle Rotor for microtubes (1.5ml & 2.0ml)
6 place Fixed Angle Rotor for 100ml tubes
32 place Fixed Angle Rotor for 15ml tubes
10 place Fixed Angle Rotor for 10ml tubes

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