Hawksley Neuation i Swix VT Digital Vortex Mixer

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The Hawksley Neuation i Swix VT Digital Vortex Mixer is designed with brushless motor controller ensures a long life. Furthermore, the iSwix VT comes with an integrated counterbalance to prevent any walking. 

Optional attachments include; foam attachment for microplate, rubber attachment for flask, foam attachment for MCT, round disk attachment.

  • Adjustable speed from 300 to 4200 RPM & timer setting
  • Digital display - Shows speed and time alternatively at every 5 secs
  • Unique programmable pulse mode function - User enabled run time and off time setting
  • 3 way switch (On/Off/Touch) with Power On LED
  • Orbital diameter of 4 mm
  • Can be used in hoods & cold rooms
  • Sticker indicator of permissible speed for various attachments

Technical Specifications

Specifications iSwix VT
Max Speed 4200 RPM
Orbital diameter 4 mm
Motor Type Brushless DC
Digital Display Yes
Dimensions (W X D X H) 205 x 136 x 138.5 mm
Speed Setting 300-4200 RPM
Timer Setting 0-999 mins (min/sec display)
Pulse mode Yes, Programmable Pulse
Max Load Capacity 500 gm
Weight 2.8 kg
Optional Attachments (not included) Universal platform for attaching either - microplate / microtube / flask Attachments

Attachment Options: 

Catalog Number Details
VM-A2 Foam Attachment for Microplate
VM-A3 Rubber Attachment for Flask
VM-A4 Foam Attachment for MCT
VM-A6 Round disk attachment


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