Domel Centric 108 Centrifuge

By Domel

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CENTRIC 108 centrifuges are manufactured in Slovenia, by Domel. Domel are highly regarded for making very high-quality motors, which they have used as a starting point for making superbly crafted centrifuges.

The Centric 108 is a large and high-volume refrigerated centrifuge designed for a laboratory dealing with a large throughput of tests or large volume samples. It is available as a floor-standing or benchtop model. With a capacity of up to 3 litres, there are few modern laboratories that require any more than this centrifuge can offer.

The SMART Lock system allows quick dismounting of the rotor to decontaminate the chamber. The illuminated handle lights up to indicate the possibility
of unloading the tubes, optimizing the frequency of centrifugation runs and quality of the analyses.

Please note that the prices list are for a centrifuge without a rotor included. If you are interested in purchasing from our Domel range, please get in contact with our Account Manager Harvey at +44 (0)1903 752 815.

The unit has a range of rotor options to suit the vessels your laboratory needs to spin. 
Key Specifications: Rotor Options

500 - 4,500 Revolutions Per Minute

  4 place 750ml Swing Out Rotor

Relative Centrifugal Force of 4,600 x g

  88 place 5 - 7ml tube Swing Out Rotor

Refrigerated Unit

80 place swing out rotor for 10 - 12ml tubes 

Floor-Standing or Benchtop

60 place swing out rotor for 15ml tubes

Brushless DC Motor

28 place swing out rotor for 50ml tubes


4 place swing out rotor for 250ml tubes

High-Capacity Centrifuge

4 place swing out rotor for 500ml vessels

Easy Loading (Ergonomic Design)

End of Run Indication

Thorough Decontamination

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