Clinisept+ Skin 490ml


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World leading skin prep and aftercare.

Clinisept+ skin delivers the highest levels of skin hygiene, and antimicrobial protection. It is an advanced and stable hypochlorous solution, and an ideal replacement for traditional chlorhexidine skin cleaners.  

Hypochlorous is an acid, which makes it incredibly effective at killing bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores. But remarkably, it has a skin-neutral pH and causes no harm to human skin. It is well recognised as the most effective antimicrobial agent known to man and is ideal for skin contact applications. 

In its natural form, hypochlorous is an unstable chemistry which decays rapidly and is difficult to produce in high purity - challenges that have always restricted its practical use. Clinisept+ Skin however, is a perfected hypochlorous of high purity and a proven 2-year shelf life. 

Clinical Health technologies has developed a completely new method of manufacturing hypochlorous which produced a solution of far higher purity than has previously been possible - proven by independent molecular analysis. 

The result is a solution of far better safety, efficacy and stability which renders our chemistry fully viable in a wide range, of medical, healthcare and skincare applications. Clinisept+ is that product. 

Clinisept+ is manufactured in the UK in dedicated ISO13485 and ISO 9001 accredited facilities. 

How to use for skin prep

Prior to any surgical procedure, soak a sterile gauze with Clinisept+ Skin and wipe over the area to be treated, and the surrounding area, using a circular motion. Ensure the skin is thoroughly wetted. An aseptic technique should be used at all times. Clinisept+ leaves no residue and any excess can be absorbed with a further sterile gauze, or Clinisept+ can be left to dry naturally. 

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