Clinisept+ Skin 100ml


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Clinisept+ Skin - Aftercare. 

Unlike traditional skin preps, Clinisept+ Skin can be used after a procedure to maintain optimum levels of skin hygiene whilst the skin recovers. Its gentle oxidising method of action doesn't harm, sting, irritate or sensitise the dermal layer and leaves no residue on the skin. 

Perfectly clean environment + No chemical toxicity = Accelerated recovery and reduced patient downtime


+ Skin neutral pH

+ Non-irritant 

+ Non-toxic

+ Non-cytotoxic

+ Hypoallergenic

+ Dermatologically tested


Patient use at home

In addition to professional use in clinic, Clinisept+ Skin is safe and easy for patients to use at home to maintain skin hygiene, help prevent complications and provide optimum conditions for rapid recovery.

Why does Clinisept+ Skin make such a significant impact on skin healing? 

Even the lowest levels of microbial contamination or chemical toxicity can be sufficient to inhibit skin cell regeneration. Clinisept+ Skin is the only highly effective cleansing antimicrobial chemistry that forms a perfectly clean environment without being cytotoxic to regrowing skin cells. In addition to being non-cytotoxic and hypoallergenic, Clinisept+ Skin has passed full HRIPT testing (Human Repeat Insult Patch Testing).

How to use for post-procedure care

Clinisept+ Skin is available in 100ml spray bottles to enable easy application by patients at home. Spray directly onto recovering skin 3 times a day to maintain the perfect environment for the skin to heal. To cool and calm inflamed and irritated skin, soak a sterile gauze with Clinisept+ and place it on the area for 10-15 minutes. 

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