22G x 50mm Aesthetic Cannula (Box of 20)


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Blunt tip aesthetic cannulas gently navigate through the subcutaneous layer, avoiding the need to cut through tissue and blood vessels as traditional hypodermic needles do. This technique minimizes tissue damage and enhances manoeuvrability, resulting in faster, less painful filler injections. Furthermore, blunt tip cannulas significantly reduce the likelihood of bruising and swelling, ensuring a more uniform filler distribution and elevating patient comfort and satisfaction. By allowing practitioners to steer clear of delicate structures more safely, this method also enhances the safety and effectiveness of aesthetic procedures.


  • The AMS Cannula has been created to be the all-in-one cannula for aesthetics treatments around the UK. Used by accredited training academies all around the country.
  • The 22g 50mm blunt-tip micro-cannula is designed to effortlessly glide into the skin 
  • Sterile
  • 20 pieces per box

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