2.0ml Accumax Microtubes (Pack of 500)

SKU: ACT-020-B-G
By Accumax

The Accumax microcentrifuge tubes are meticulously crafted from premium-grade virgin polypropylene raw material, ensuring both comfort and unwavering dependability for a multitude of scientific applications. These high-quality tubes are specifically designed to provide exceptional performance during storage, isolation, centrifugation, and sample preparation processes. With their superior construction, Accumax microcentrifuge tubes become the ideal choice for a vast array of disciplines, including Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, and a wide range of Bioanalytical techniques. Experience the epitome of reliability and versatility as you elevate your scientific endeavors with Accumax microcentrifuge tubes.

With a reliable supply chain and some quality suppliers, Hawksley are certain that you'll never be in need of microtubes if you come direct to us. Useful for any standard laboratory use and compatible with any Hawksley centrifuge.

Sold in bags of 500 pieces and available graduated as sterilised or plain.

Technical Specifications
  • Clear and transparent tubes
  • CE approved virgin polypropylene eliminating any trace of heavy metals
  • Leak proof seal for prevention against accidental spillage
  • Withstands temperatures from -80° to +121° C
  • Clear and large graduation on tube body
  • Choice of selecting low retention tube to increase recovery of the sample
  • Compatible with all standard and high capacity centrifuge rotors
  • Non cytotoxic & biologically inert
  • Options for regular white tube, assorted colour tube and in amber colour for light sensitive reagents

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