Toxicity Tested - Rainin Positive Displacement Pipette Tips


Capillary-piston assemblies for Pos-D™ and Gilson® Microman® positive-displacement pipettes. Presterilized, pre-assembled, 180 tips in 3 racks of 60.


Rainin Pos-D Tips come pre-toxicity tested, evidenced to be non-toxic to sperm by a UKAS accredited lab. Once you have validated our results in your own lab, you’ll no longer need to do in-house testing of supplies – saving time and therefore, money.

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Capillaries and Pistons

  • Preassembled - Clean, Convenient, Easy Pick-up and Ejection
  • Capillaries and Pistons are preassembled and racked. Instantly ready to use. Easy to pick up and eject
  • Automated and Presterilised
  • No contamination. Assembled and packaged by robots, no human contact. The e-beam presterilization adds extra-protection
  • Flexible Use
  • Fast and easy capillary/piston pickup from racks. No hand-mounting required.

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