Toxicity Tested - Liquipipette 3ml Graduated, Non-Sterile Pasteur


Elkay Liquipette brand plastic disposable transfer (Pasteur) pipettes are an economical and safe alternative to glass Pasteur pipettes. Used largely in routine laboratories and diagnostics, Liquipette are ideal for sampling or measured transfers of aqueous solutions. Manufactured from virgin low density polyethylene in the EU, Liquipette are produced in accordance with ISO9001-2008 standards and are CE certified. Elkay ensure all pipettes are Phthalate and Silicone free as no plasticisers are used during the moulding process. The most popular Liquipette carton of 500 pieces is made from premium quality board with a unique press out section for easy access of the contents, keeping them dust and particle free when not in use.

Product Features: 

  • Bulb draw: 3.5ml
  • Drop size: 45ul
  • Graduated to 3.0ml 
  • Comes in packs of 500

The Liquipipettes come pre-toxicity tested, evidenced to be non-toxic to sperm by a UKAS accredited lab. Once you have validated our results in your own lab, you’ll no longer need to do in-house testing of supplies – saving time and therefore, money.

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