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Cyto-chemical Stain For Detecting Granulocytes in Semen


  • 5-component kit
  • 1-step sample preparation
  • 1-step reagent preparation
  • 1-step immediate result
  •   peroxidase control included so no need to obtain a blood specimen as a control 
  • 50 - 300 determinations per kit
  • 18-month shelf life

High white blood cell concentrations in semen, referred to as leuco-cytospermia, have been associated with genital tract infection and poor semen quality. The predominant white blood cell type is the polymorphonuclear granulocyte, normally comprising 50 - 80% of total seminal white blood cells. This subpopulation can be detected using a peroxidase test which visualizes the enzyme peroxidase in cells.

The WHO Manual classifies the detection of white blood cells in semen as a standard, rather than an optional, method for the examination of human semen.

Brochure and Technical Information


Material Safety Data Sheet

Standard Data Sheet