Rapid Romanowsky Stain


Rapid Romanowsky Stain - 3 x 500ml is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

 Two different sizes, between 500ml and 2.5ml.

The essential components in Romanowsky stains are a basic or cationic stain. Azur II conveys a blueviolet or blue colour to nucleic acids (DNA and RNA), nucleoprotein, the granules of basophils and, weakly, to the granules of neutrophils. An acidic or anionic dye, such as eosin, conveys a red or orange colour to haemoglobin and eosinophil granules. Air dried blood smears are stained by brief immersion in the three solutions. The intensity of staining can be varied by adjusting the time of immersion of the blood smears in each solution.

Handling and treatment before staining: Prepare thin blood smears on grease free slides and air dry.


1. Dispense the solutions into Coplin jars or other suitable staining vessels.

2. Immerse slide in HS705A for 30 seconds.

3. Transfer, without rinsing or drying to HS705B and stain for 15-30 seconds by slowly agitating the slide in the solution or immersing and withdrawing the slide several times during a 15- 30 second period.

4. Without rinsing, transfer slide to HS705C and repeat staining as for HS705B.

5. Rinse slide briefly in buffered water (pH 6.8) and allow to dry.

6. Examine under the microscope. Staining results will be similar to traditional Romanowsky stained smears.



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