Qwik Check Sperm Liquefaction Kit


Qwik Check Sperm Liquefaction Kit is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

The Liquefaction Kit is used to promote and accelerate the liquefaction of highly viscous semen samples. Appropriate for all forms of automated or manual semen analysis, as viscosity can impact the accurate measurement of motility, concentration and antibody coating. The Liquefaction Kit also assists with agglutinated and aggregated clumps, sperm banding, and other factors that prevent thorough sample mixing prior to analysis.

There are twenty single-dose vials of 5mg Alpha-Chymotrypsin which should be stored at room temperature. 

In vitro use only.


• Closed vial one year shelf life. Note the expiration date on the box and vials.
• Store vials @ 15-30°C.
• The product is stable and shows no loss of expected performance characteristics after
transport/storage over a period of 72 hours at the temperature range of -20°C to +37°C.

1. Select one vial of α-Chymotrypsin.
2. Tap the vial to move the contents to the bottom of the vial prior to opening.
3. Add the entire contents of one vial to a viscous semen sample immediatley after opening.
4. Gently mix the sample for about 30 seconds to dissolve the powder. The sample will turn pink.
5. Once the sample has liquefied (5-10 minutes), immediately perform automated testing.
6. If sample volume is > 5 ml and it does not liquefy after adding one vial, add another vial of αChymotrypsin following steps 1 through 5

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