Hawksley Platelet Heater & Cooling System (Biofiller PRP Incubator)


Hawksley Platelet Heater & Cooling System (Biofiller PRP Incubator) - 12 x 1ml syringe Block is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

The Hawksley PRP Incubator - Your heating and cooling system for Biofiller. 

What Is Biofiller?

Biofiller is an autologous alternative to synthetic fillers, using plasma regenerative properties for facial and skin rejuvenation. By heating up the plasma it is thickened, making it an injectable gel that can be used to offer a filler treatment that's completely natural. Using our cooler system (included with the heater), the gel is cooled to body temperature or below, allowing this to be easily injected. 

The incubator uses precise temperature controls, which you can set anywhere between 5 and +120 degrees Celsius. The microprocessor-based circuit has a soft touchpad, large digital display, rapid heating and uniform temperature across blocks. A lid is included for protection and heat preservation.

Large clear display to show critical parameters and all set values within one glance without any toggle. 

Two blocks are available, fitting either PRP tubes or syringes. 

The cooling system for the PRP heater is included in the price. Simply pop in your samples into the cup prior to reinjection. 

Product Specifications

Temperature range ambient +5°C to 120°C
Temperature uniformity ±0.5 °C
Temperature stability ±0.5 °C
Number of blocks 1
Setup block material Aluminium
Tube Block 15ml Tube Block for 12 tubes
Display Digital
Timer 19Hrs 59 Minutes & Infinite
Weight 1.7Kg
Dimensions 190 x 87 x 82
Protection Class IP 21 protected against condensation
Input Voltage 100-240 VAC 50/60Hz
Output Voltage DC 24 V = 4A
Power Consumption 85W





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