Hawksley Neuation iStir HP 320A Analogue Hot Plate Stirrer

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The Hawksley Neuation iStir HP 320 Digital has spent a long time in development before it was released to market. Over this period the mixer has been extensively tested to ensure efficient performance and an extremely user-friendly interface.
Its elegant features are the perfect solution to deal with demanding laboratory conditions and real life situations. The iStir HP 320 is the answer to all your hot plate stirring needs.
Features include;
  • DC motor for better performance

  • Variable temperatures from ambient up to 345 Degrees Celsius

  • Adjustable speed from 200-2200 RPM, in increments of 10 RPM

  • Variable time setting from 1 minute to infinite mode Large intuitive display on Analogue versions and clear, easy to use Digital display on the iStir HP 320

  • A stirring capacity of up to 10 litres

  • Comes with a PT-1000 probe to accurately measure temperature of medium

  • Single instrument with 3 optional different setup plates - SS, Ceramic Coated SS & Aluminium

  • It has a small footprint to save space on work surfaces.

  • Option of selecting Fahrenheit and Degrees Celsius

Technical Specifications
Specifications iStir HP 320
Capacity 10 Litres
Set up plate material* SS, Ceramic Coated SS & Aluminum
Heater Temperature Ambient to 3200C
Variable Speed 200-2200 RPM in steps of 10 RPM
Run Time 1-999 mins & infinite
Set-up plate dimensions (mm) 140 mm
Weight of instrument 2.2 kg
Dimension (mm) 156 x 248 x 104
Protection Class IP 21


Hawksley Neuation iStir HP 320 Brochure.pdf

Hawksley Neuation iStir HP 320 User Manual

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