Hawksley Neuation iRoll RNR 4 & 6 Tube Roller

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The Hawksley Neuation iRoll RNR4 or RNR6 Laboratory Tube Roller's are a device which combines excellent performance, reliability and an intuitive user-experience in one. 

In union with the many integrated, ergonomic design elements means that we are offering a product which exceeds its competitors. We proudly present the following features:

  • AC motor offers a speed of 30 rpm with an accuracy of +/- 2 RPM

  • Removable rollers & adjustable roller spacing to hold different size tubes and bottles

  • Continuous and infinite operation mode

  • Compact and stackable design makes for a small footprint to save workspace

  • Effortless and tool free installation of rollers.

  • Convenient and effortless cleaning

  • Gentle rocking and rolling motion for optimum mixing

  • Adjustable rollers spacing to hold different diameter tubes

  • Suitable for mixing of blood sample and viscous substances

  • Works with 80% humidity and 40C

  • Protection class of IP 21 

Technical Specification
Specifications i Roll RnR 4
Capacity 9 x 5 ml tubes
Motor Type AC Synchronous
Variable Speed Fixed Speed of 30 RPM
Run Time Continuous / Infinite
Tilt angle +/-30
Speed Accuracy +/-2 RPM
Noise Level Noiseless operation
Load Capacity 1.5 kg
Roller Size (mm) 300 (length) x 30 (roller dial) mm
Protection class IP 21
Dimensions (W X D X H) 475 x 210 x 80 mm
Weight 2 kg



Hawksley Neuation iRoll RNR 4 Brochure.pdf

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