Hawksley Neuation iRoll D16 Disc Tube Rotator


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The Hawksley Neuation iRoll D16 is a tube rotator that mixes and spins blood, as well as other laboratory substances. It has been built with the best materials to ensure the end result is a particularly robust and long lasting blood roller. 
Hawksley-Neuation key design features are integrated into all of our products, including the iRoll D16, This has resulted in a lightweight, high-performance and user-friendly mixer;
  •  Accommodates up to 4 ESR Tubes & 12 Blood collection tubes

  • Circular rotating action gives gentle but effective mixing

  • Continuous / infinite mode of operation

  • Fix disc plate angle of 38 degrees

  • Maximum operational weight capacity of 1.5kgs

  • Compact saves bench space design

  • Protection class of IP 21

  • Easy to remove and install disc plates for replacement and cleaning

Technical Specification
Specifications i Roll D16
Capacity 16 Tubes (12 Blood Collection Tubes + 4 ESR Tubes)
Motor Type AC Synchronous
Variable Speed Fix Speed of 30 RPM
Run Time Continuous / Infinite
Speed Accuracy +/-2 RPM
Angle of Disc Plate Fix angle of 380
Noise Level Noiseless operation
Weight (Capacity) 1.5 kg
Dimension 278 x 252 x 183 mm
Protection class IP 21


Hawksley Neuation iRoll D16 Brochure.pdf

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