Celltrac Pro - Electronic Cell Counter


Celltrac Pro - Electronic Cell Counter is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

In recent years, automated cell counters have become very popular, yet many labs are still hesitating to invest in an automated cell counter as they feel the manual method has worked previously.

As the world develops and goes more digital, so does the field of cell counting. While manual cell counters are great for fieldwork and when you don’t have computer access, the automated cell counter has a flexible software - meaning you can conduct research and share data worldwide at a touch of a button. The ergonomic design of the Celltrac pro is created with increased reproducibility and lower levels of subjectivity in mind, with the full list of features below.


  • 2* 8-character LCD display
  • Fast USB data output to a printer/PC (USB cable included)
  • Memory: stores up to 92 Data sets in EPROM
  • 12 cell counting keys (10 summing + 2 non summing)
  • Ability to subtract following an error
  • Add or subtract cell clusters
  • Display current cell total and running totals at any point during the count
  • Warning bleeps when approaching 100 cells, or multiples
  • 2 “non-summing” keys to record nucleated red cells or similar
  • Number of “non-summing” keys can be increased or decreased
  • Cell labels assigned for standard leucocyte differentials
  • Total leucocyte count can also be entered so that each cell type is reported in absolute numbers as well as percentages

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