Vitrex 3-part disposable Leur Lock syringes (100 pieces)

By Vitrex

Chirana 3-part disposable syringes without are made of polypropylene, polyethylene and lubricated synthetic rubber.  They were built with an ergonomic design and highly transparent barrel combined with a tight, black extended graduation which makes it extremely easy to read.

They are pyrogen-free, latex-free, DEHP-free, PVC-free and non-toxic. The syringes are available with a luer-lock and individually blister packed.

Designed tip for best connection, scratch-free for glove manipulation and centrically positioned luer lock tip. The syringes are single-use only and sterilised by ETO, giving them a shelf life when they reach you of a minimum of 3 years. Manufactured by a exceptional Danish company, called Vitrex, we can vouch for their reliability and quality assurances.

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