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Metal Tip Luer Lock Centre Nozzle

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Hawksley's Metal Tip Luer Lock Centre Nozzle Glass Syringe is part of a range of high-quality borosilicate syringes are ideal for accurate laboratory dispensation, featuring exact calibrations fused into the glass.

  • Interchangeable precision-machined plungers, ground and superfinished
  • Metal parts are brass, nickel then chrome plated
  • Interference-fit tips with no glue. Glass-to-metal tightness guaranteed
  • Borosilicate, 1st hydrolytic class, Jena type Durobax G20
  • Resistant to cooling from 200-20ºC in air and 100-4ºC in water
  • Resistant to chemical erosion and repeated sterilisation
  • Quality-controlled to British Standard 1263