Artiglass Glass Tip Luer Centre Nozzle Syringe



Our range of high-quality borosilicate syringes are ideal for accurate laboratory dispensation, featuring exact calibrations fused into the glass.


  • Interchangeable precision-machined plungers, ground and superfinished
  • Metal parts are brass, nickel then chrome plated
  • Interference-fit tips with no glue. Glass-to-metal tightness guaranteed
  • Borosilicate, 1st hydrolytic class, Jena type Durobax G20
  • Resistant to cooling from 200-20ºC in air and 100-4ºC in water
  • Resistant to chemical erosion and repeated sterilisation
  • Quality-controlled to British Standard 1263 


About Artiglass

Artiglass has been a worldwide leader in the working of glass tubing for over 25 years. They are mainly specialized in the production of glass syringes for various applications such as medical, veterinary, industrial, laboratory etc. Their products are manufactured by the reworking of glass tubes of first-class quality and with micron tolerances. The raw material they use is soda-lime, borosilicate 3.3 and neutral glass. Artiglass strongly believes in the value of the quality of their processes and products. 

Their main goal is always to provide customers with high-quality products and they work daily to carefully select the raw materials and their suppliers. Their priority is to keep our customers satisfied by offering the most efficient technical advice and service.

Accurate quality controls are carried out during every step of the production processes. Artiglass applies a quality management system in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 requirements. Artiglass has achieved the coveted FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approval for the L.O.R. syringes that it produces. 

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