Toxicity Tested - HiQA Coverslips No. 1 22 x 22mm

SKU: TT-CS-222201

Made from the highest quality glass and free from blisters and flaws, the HiQA Coverslips allow excellent results to be consistently achieved. The coverslips are cleaned and polished making them suitable for use straight from the pack.

Key Benefits:

• Excellent quality glass
• Suitable for use from the pack
• Manufactured to DIN ISO 8255
• Dimensions: No 1.0 x 22mm x 22mm

These coverslips come pre-toxicity tested, evidenced to be non-toxic to sperm by a UKAS accredited lab. Once you have validated our results in your own lab, you’ll no longer need to do in-house testing of supplies – saving time and therefore, money. Toxicity tested coverslips come in packs of 1000. 

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