Toxicity Tested - Claritex Slide, Twinfrost 1.0-1.2mm 90o Ground


Product Description

The ClariTex Twinfrost Microscope Slide features a 20mm frosted end. Both surfaces of the slide are frosted meaning either side can be used to mark the slide.

Key Benefits:

• 20mm frosted area on both slide surfaces
• Ready to use straight from the box
• Manufactured to ISO 8037/1
• Dimensions: 26.0(w) x 76.0(d)mm

The Claritex Slides come pre-toxicity tested, evidenced to be non-toxic to sperm by a UKAS accredited lab. Once you have validated our results in your own lab, you’ll no longer need to do in-house testing of supplies – saving time and therefore, money.

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