TESE Pipettes


TESE Pipettes - TESE Sperm Collection Pipette is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

TESE Pipettes are used for sperm collection from TESE material, round spermatid injection (ROSI) and elongated spermatid injection (ELSI) during ICSI procedures. With its optimally parallel design and elbow-to-tip length, it enables a better sperm injection control and makes carriage of multiple sperms at a time possible. 

Optimally designed sharp tip enables easy penetration into zona pellucida and a gentle entrance into the cytoplasm. Different TESE pipette types with varying inner diameters, tip types and elbow angles are provided for different requirements. 

Come in packs of 10. 


Technical Specifications

 Product Outer Diameter (Micrometer) Inner Diameter (Micrometer)  Angle (°) Bevel to Tip Length (Micrometer) Total Length (Millimeter) 
TESE Pipette: Sperm Collection 8 6.5 30 800 54-56
TESE Pipette: Immature Sperm Collection 9 7 30 800 54-56

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